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2019 brought us tremendous growth as we successfully launched our Geoblockchain application and deployed our platform, GeoQi v1.0. We couldn't be more excited to be entering 2020 as we expand to a larger headquarters and continue our journey of enabling geospatial transformation.

2019 at a glance

2019 was a year of several qualitative and quantitative leaps. From promoting a healthy lifestyle within the organization, to establishing a base in the UK, starting our initiatives around community and social responsibilities, and moving towards a more platform-focused road map.


GeoSpoc won the Financial Innovation in Practice Award for pioneering location-based intelligence to the financial services industry, that has aided institutions to foray in to new-to-credit markets whilst reducing risk and fraud

Our 2nd set of graduates, Nishil Agrawal and Priyanka Ghosh, traveled to Esri UK in October for intensive training on the ArcGIS suite of software.


Our continuous expansion led us to move to a larger headquarters in Pune, India. Our new address is 501, Floor 5, 'Ideas to Impacts' Building, Lane 3, Pallod Farms, Baner, Pune.


Product Updates



We officially deployed our geoenrichment platform, GeoQi v1.0, to our customers in the US. The platform's turbo-boost feature can render millions of points and consume real-time satellite imagery to curate data. It also offers a fully flexible and customizable UI framework for rapid deployment. Year to date, more than a billion loans have been geoenriched via our platform.


  • Geomarketeer won the Accenture Ventures Applied Intelligence Challenge 2019 
  • The All-India City Selection Application identifies the right city to expand businesses based on hyperlocal demographic.
  • We have also added more data layers and increased our spatial coverage.

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We have had large scale deployments for our in-house geocoding engine, Geoqode. With improvements in algorithms and a wider data coverage, Geoqode is set to solve the problem of dealing with unorganized and messy Indian addresses. Geoqode has accurately placed about a million addresses on the map.


To Read



We added a significant number of key resources in the past year. We are still rapidly growing and looking for passionate people to join our family.

  • Backend Developer - Python
  • Backend Developer - Python with CKAN
  • Frontend Developer - VueJS/React
  • Junior Quality Analyst
  • Senior Quality Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Developer
  • Marketing Executive


Looking Forward

As we step in to a new decade, we aim to unleash the power of geospatial far and wide, across verticals and geographies. Continuing our expansion in the USA and UK markets, we are planning to release GeoQi v2.0 and expand Geoblockchain within the upcoming year.